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  • Thursday, January 26, 2006

    The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack: New Site!!: On this edition of the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack: We discuss the new episode "Fire + Water." We check out a new commercial for "Dharma Peanut Butter". We check out some Listener Feedback. Jack unviels his Latest and Not So Greatest Crackpot Theory of the Week. Plus a little more of Jay and Jack's past is revealed.

    Lost Podcast (MP3): Ep. 1.14 "Fire + Water"".mp3


    Blogger Scott and Steve said...

    Jay and Jack fill the funny void with ultra-sexiness.

    12:21 AM

    Anonymous MPsteitzer said...

    Jay and Jack:

    If you watch exodus 2 you will see Hurley did not have his headphones around his neck when he got on the plane, he pulled them from his side (bag)and put them on after he buckled his seatbelt.

    Enjoy your podcast, picked up the link from the Transmission

    11:16 AM

    Blogger philfrie6255889725 said...

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    6:33 AM

    Anonymous Vincent is one of The Others said...

    Way too much babbling and not nearly enough Lost content. This should be a half-hour podcast, not an hour plus. C'mon, lift it up, bruthas!

    9:32 PM


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