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  • Monday, January 16, 2006

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK Today we have some big news for the show!

    Firstly Our New Feed:

    In our transition from Audioblog to Liberated Syndication we have our new feed for the show which is here

    So please change your old feeds to the new one.

    Secondly since we have a new feed Jack and I decided to do some new stuff for the show:

    1) The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack will now have two episodes a week. The first one will be the regular Lost Podcast on Thursday, and the new weekly Listener Lost Podcast on Monday.

    Thursday: Will have the recap, our usual shenanigans, some listener feedback, and Jacks Crackpot Theory of the Week.

    Monday: Will be mostly devoted to you the listener much like our listener lost podcasts during the hiatus, this show will also have the Listener Theory of the Week, what is going on with the next episode, and a new segment called "The Five"

    "The Five" is a new thing were you the listener will send in Five Questions for Jack and he will only be able to give one word answers. The questions can range from LOST to hair styling tips, but lets try to keep it more lost oriented;) . If you would like to send in your questions for the five do so at (so Jack doesn't get to have a sneak peek)

    Each show will run from 45 to 60 minutes.

    2) With the advent of Garageband 3, the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack will now use the AAC audio file format. What does this mean for you? Well now the Lost Podcast will have chapters, far superior sound quality, and we will be able to use screen caps for you to look at with your iPod Photo, or iPod Video. This will be nice when we are talking about a scene with the "Munster" and you can look at your iPod and see screen caps of the "Munster" as well.

    3) With the new opportunities of Liberated Syndication, and our new feed. The Lost Podcast is in the process of working on a Video Podcast to do once a month. We have just found a local Director who has joined the project including his film crew. We are still in the early stages of this, so don't expect a video podcast tomorrow. The director and I have made a tentative date to begin shooting on the first weekend in February. This isn't going to be some cheap show with one camera taping Jack and I doing the podcast. It will be its own show, much like a Late Night Talk show.

    Lastly since we have all of this new stuff, Jack and I have decided that we should have our own web site

    We present......, our new web site with our own domain. This will be the official site of the show and our new feed. I still have a lot that I am going to do with it, but the seed has been planted.

    Subscribe to the new feed in the iTunes Music Store!!!!

    So check out the site and subscribe to the feed, Jack and I made a special short podcast talking about our new endeavors, and using the AAC format.


    Anonymous h-irish-k said...

    Wow. Great news! Thanks for the update. For those of us who already subscribe on itunes, does this mean we'll subscribe to a separate podcast or does the existing subscription port to the new feed.

    9:20 AM

    Blogger Jay said...

    No you'll have to switch, If I could make it easier i would but audioblog won't let us. So just search LOST in itunes and youll lsee the new iPod Dharma logo and subscribe!!

    9:32 AM

    Blogger Ryan said...

    Congrats on the upgrades! Will you still be updating the Blogspot page? If so, be sure to update the 'subscribe in iTunes' link in the sidebar -- it seems a different link from the new one in this post.

    4:46 PM

    Blogger Appropriately Innapropriate said...

    If there's one thing that's better than Jay & Jack's Lostcast, it's blue tacos....but those don't exist yet, so J&J Lostcast will have to do.

    12:21 AM


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