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  • Thursday, December 08, 2005

    This week we have our second installment of the Listener Lost Podcast. We get a lot of great theories from you our listeners, and we have the Listener Theory of the Week!

    MP3 File

    Wikipedia's info on Yin and Yang.
    FUSIES: A comic about LOST.


    Anonymous MarshaWC said...

    loved the podcast...loved the thought of Handsome Jack somehow landing on the island and causing a ruckus between the women folk....loved the call-in guys accent!!!!!!

    8:09 AM

    Anonymous Paul Campbell said...

    Accent? What accent? I don't have an accent! Jay & Jack, now they have an accent.

    5:15 AM

    Anonymous MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

    if I give you my number would you call and just read the phone directory out loud to me in that ::::cough:::: unaccented voice?

    9:25 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    what the...?! Swedish chocolate?!
    How about SWISS chocolate? (in my Red from That 70's Show voice or Eric Cartman's..."dumbasses!") and the Swede's name is pronounced HOCKEN (spelled Haaken) geeez, you guys slay me
    keep up the good work, and yes, Jay, guacamole is a complete food group because it's green.

    Donohue 66

    11:11 AM

    Anonymous Jack said...

    My bad I meant to say Hershey Pennsylvania

    6:00 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I've read that according to Douglas Adams (author of the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy), the number 42 is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. I believe that't that number you couldn't find significance for--so there it is. Hope that helps. Love your show, keep up the good work! (NY listener here)

    1:21 PM


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