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  • Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    All right today is Lostday, and the last new one we will have for a couple of weeks.

    Some new stuff today, we are unvieling the Lost Podcast Team it is a new thing that the show is doing to make more involvement from you our listeners. So what do you do? Its simple just spread the word about the show, tell your friends your fellow lostaways and get them to give there theories, questions and comments to the show. Whats in it for the Lost Podcast Team well each month a member of the Lost Podcast Team or L.P.T. for short will win a cool prize. The prize will hopefully be named tomorrow. This show was made for you, and it is a lot better with your input. So if you want to join the L.P.T. just give the show an email at

    Also for today we present to you the Lost Podcast Listener Forum it is a place for you to give your input to the show. So if you dont want to email, or call. Check out, and sign up at the Lost Podcast Listener Forum


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