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  • Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    All right today is Lostday, and our show is tomorrow If you want to get a Question, Theory, or comment on this weeks show try to do it before Thursday 11am eastern time. We have gotten some great feedback from everybody that listens to the show, and we would like to thank you for that. Your contribution makes the show better; so don't hesitate to send us a line at

    As you can see to your right I have put up some directories were you can subscribe to our podcast. Most recently we were added to the Yahoo Podcast Directory which has a new podcast setup much like iTunes. The only major directory that we are not on yet is the iTunes directory, which is taking forever to process our podcast. If you have iTunes and want our show on your iTunes just go to the Advanced menu on the iTunes tool bar go down to Subscribe to podcast click it, and paste this url in the box given

    Well that's about it on this Lostday. I want to give a big thanks to a couple of supporters, and listeners of the show. Leuthen from the Lost-TV Message Board and Betts from the Haratiofrog's Lost Forum. So once again thanks for listening to our show, enjoy the episode tonight and enjoy our new Lostcast tomorrow.

    Thanks, Jay


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