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  • Thursday, October 20, 2005

    In this weeks episode we discuss "and Found"

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great job again Jay! I guess I should finally send my thanks toward Jack. He was so silent in those first 2 podcasts that I almost missed him. Nice to "hear" him stepping up lately. Good job Jack.

    Again, great job guys! I absolutely love the LOST podcast and I'll promote it every chance I get (as usual)!

    Here's to looking forward to next week.........ooh, that's a problem isn't it? Hiatus/re-runs for the next couple of weeks. What are ya gonna do? Hopefully I can get some folks into the forum with theories etc.

    Anyway, I'll worry about that this weekend, I'm going back to listening to the Podcast again.

    Thanks again guys,

    Brian (Leuthen from the LOST-TV MB)

    2:47 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If you're a fan of LOST, check out 2 lost season show tv

    9:28 PM

    Blogger DashN said...

    Great job both of you.
    I'm listening to every podcast this far.
    I don't know if this is the place to puzzle about the others but.. I think since both the survivors of the front and back of the plane has found each their hatch and the total of hatches is still out there .. I think "the others" has already been there (in the remaining) or are traveling between those hatches constantly.
    maybe the others we saw in the last episode (..and found) were
    traveling from one hatch to another.

    anyway .. thanks for the great show!!!


    1:39 PM

    Blogger Jay said...

    Thanks Dashn for your thoughts, and theories. Be sure to check out next weeks Listener Lost Podcast. Were you theory will be disscussed

    4:20 AM

    Anonymous MarshaWC said...

    it was bad enough to find I am totally and completely addicted to the LOST TV I'm finding myself fighting a Jay and Jack addiction!
    gotta have both every week.

    7:02 PM


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