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  • Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    A Lost Podcast listener, by the name of John Calvert sent in these cool pics from Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary. He informed me that it was the First True Penitentary in the world. The place is now in ruins and they have tours, John is a member and while he was taking a tour he noticed an interesting logo on the cell buttons on death row. It looks somewhat like the Dharma logo that we have seen so many times.

    Take a look its kind of creepy, and thanks John for the pics. You can find more information on Eastern State Penitenary check out

    Here are the buttons from a distance.

    Here is the button up close, look familiar?


    Anonymous MarshaWC said...

    okay....I'm creeped out.....

    1:46 PM

    Blogger Sarah Aimee said...

    How wierd! This has to do with the pictured button. My Dad worked for the company, Allen Bradley, that made these buttons. He thinks that he might have made these particular ones.
    Here's what my Dad had to say about the button when I asked him if he recognized it:

    "YES! and the round plastic push button with the A-B Logo is one of the products that I actually made by the thousands one summer in the mid-sixties. I worked temporarily in the Plastics Molding Department No. 150, operating injection molders and producing various plastic parts for switch gear including push buttons exactly like the one you found in various colors including black, red, green & yellow. Everything was HOT and I burned my fingers and forearms several times before getting the hang of it. I had to insert metal pins, one for each button, into the hot die, before closing it and injecting the plastic. The die made 24 buttons at a time. My clothing always smelled like hot plastic."

    Another wierd Lost connection.

    Love the podcast! You guys are great!
    And my neighbors. I live in Greensboro, NC.

    Keep on getting Lost!

    Sarah Cook

    9:08 PM

    Blogger bipedfilm said...

    sarah that is cool
    if he wver gets to philly he should vist the place

    5:53 PM

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