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  • Thursday, January 12, 2006

    This week we discuss the episode the 23rd Psalm, and we get the Listener Theory of the Week, and Jacks Crackpot Theory of the Week.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great cast guys! : )

    7:57 AM

    Anonymous christian said...

    high server load, hm? damn, you got too many listeners already. maybe you two are TOO clever ;)

    12:23 PM

    Blogger Dougrc said...

    What does TMJ mean? I coudnt understand her accent (no offense). So if she didnt say TMJ set me straight and hopefully wiht some answers.

    1:53 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That first anonymous is HJ, i can tell from the :) ;]

    1:55 PM

    Anonymous MarshaWC/MarshaMarsha said...

    thanks for my very own flashback..

    let see,you can blame me for a couple of things that have become show standards...I (supposedly, kinda,maybe) named Handsome Jack just that
    suggested Jay come up with a noise to play every time he says
    * anyways*
    glad I could be of help.
    you two make my world a better place.

    3:36 PM

    Blogger nycpaul said...

    just dont wear a red sox cap when you go to yankee stadium.
    good podcast.

    10:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Guys...first time posting...
    Love your two are great...just have to times it's hard to hear Handsome Jack..speak up boy! you have too much to say...Jay is stealin' the show ;)

    4:23 PM

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Me again...I just finished listening to this weeks show..and I was thinking about something. You two mentioned the fact that they haven't returned to the Black Rock...what about the fact that they haven't looked the cable that both Sayid and Hurley found? They investigate EVERYTHING on this island..and no one has said.."Hmmm...this cable went from the water to the jungle...let's follow it the OTHER way in to the water" it just bugs me that they haven't looked in to it.

    Great show...I agree with one of the callers/posters...give us some UPDATED pictures :)

    Thanks guys...

    1:39 PM

    Anonymous NJ Yankees fan said...

    Just a random FYI, guys, Cooperstown isn't near the 5 boroughs of New York City or else I'd have been there many, many times, living in NJ as I do. Cooperstown, NY is "upstate" and closer to the Canadian border. Not exactly close to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and could take you several hours to get there. And you won't be killed in Yankee Stadium for wearing a Padres cap, just if you wear a Red Sox one. Unless you somehow end up in the Bleachers in section 39, which would be a completely different story - they'll get on your case for any cap other than a Yankees one that you might wear.

    10:16 AM

    Blogger Uncle Igmar said...

    (singing) Jesus stick, Jesus stick.

    You guys are not right - I had that damned tune going through my head all day

    5:00 PM

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