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  • Sunday, March 08, 2009

    Lost Podcast (MP3): Ep. 4.15 "LaFleur"

    On this Thursday Edition of The Lost Podcast: We discuss and recap last night’s episode “LaFleur”. We get some great Listener Feedback, and Jack gives a new Crackpot Theory of the Week.

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    Anonymous Willard said...

    Hey guys, long time listener of the podcast not sure if you guys read these post or not but, in this episode we saw a statue. Not sure if its the 4 toed statue but in each of the statues hands its holding an ankh(the cross type thing Paul had on his necklace). The Ankh in Egyptians times stood for everlasting life and fertility. Take a closer look and you'll see im right, just an interesting tid-bit there. Give me a shoutout!!

    3:46 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm probably the last to recall this, but was reminded upon watching Season 3 "The Man Behind the Curtain," that it was a younger, cleaner-cut Horace who arrived roadside in the red convertible to rescue baby Ben the day he was born.

    10:02 PM


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