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  • Wednesday, January 07, 2009

    Lost Podcast (MP3): 4.1 "Season 5 First Look"

    On this Season Premiere Edition of The Lost Podcast: Jay and Jack were lucky enough to watch the first 2 episodes of Season 5. They give their first impressions of the Season 5 premiere and try to give a taste of the episodes without revealing anything too major.

    They also get into a lot of listener feedback, Jack gives an update on his contest, and we have more info on Jay and Jack’s 25 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks.

    MP3 File


    Blogger marcolorado said...

    Finally an mp3 file again, thanks

    12:19 PM

    Blogger es wurmt said...

    sick! i´m so envious!

    but it´s great you guys are back, looking forward to your podcast on the sweet 17 episodes to come.

    dunno if i´m gonna listen to this one though, i´m just too afraid of spoilers :/

    4:21 AM


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