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  • Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    On the first ever Ramblecast: We talk about the new movie “Superman Returns. The return of the television show “Deadwood”. We discuss the video game “Guitar Hero”

    We discuss the battle between “Mustard Vs. Ketchup”, to see which condiment is truely the best. The Five makes a comeback on the new Ramblecast. And to take out the show is Armor for Sleep’s song “The Truth About Heaven”. Due to technical difficulties the whole song couldn’t be played. So if you want to hear the full song check out there site.

    This show is still in its development stage so give it time for us to work the kinks out

    MP3 File


    Anonymous Casper said...

    Ketchup! ;)

    2:59 PM

    Blogger Joe said...

    Ketchup or mustard... hmm... tough call. Each has a place and sometimes they're good together... but in a tiebreaker, it's gotta be mustard. The tiebreaker is hot dogs... NEVER, under ANY circumstances should ketchup go on a hot dog. I feel VERY strongly about this. And yes, I did all-cap three words there.

    1:02 PM

    Blogger Joe said...

    BTW... nice double post on the ramblecast... quite fitting.

    1:05 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    1:10 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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